The VHCS Core Team are the developers from moleSoftware GmbH that created and are actively developing the VHCS Framework and its modules.

Want to get involved? VHCS Project is open to anyone interested in contributing. Send an email to alex[at]molesoftware[dot]com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Core Team

Alexander Kotov

Role: Project management and software development
Email: alex [at] molesoftware [dot] com

Hristo Dimov

Role: VHCS software architecture, conception and development
Email: hdimov [at] molesoftware [dot] com


VHCS Team Members Around the World

Carsten Schoene

Role: VHCS Builds, system adminnistration, documentation, different linux distribution
Location: Germany

Marcus Moll

Role: VHCS Builds, HowTos, Documentation and Antispam
Location: Germany
Email: marcus [at] phpexpert [dot] net
Web: http://www.moll-newmedia.de

Markus Petzsch

Role: Beta Tests, Support, VHCS pack builds
Location: Germany
Email: info [at] net-hoster [dot] de

Mauric Rene Oberlaender

Role: German Language Packs and 3th party software
Location: Austria
Email: admin [at] mronet [dot] at