VHCS 2.6 Screenshots

Sorry for the release delay. Here some screenshots of the new version

VHCS 2.6 Screenhsot VHCS 2,2 2 Screenshot


VHCS 2.6 goes beta !

We just start with the tests of the new VHCS 2.6 version. The 2.6 version should be available in the net weeks.

What is new in VHCS 2.6:
Web 2.0 support - the GUI ist xhtml/css based for more performance and easy to customizing
Usability improvements - graphical statistics for more understandability and much more
Some Engine improvements and some new server site and GUI features.


VHCS site relaunch - new design and features for the vhcs site

The new VHCS site is now online! We use simple concept, colors and usability and we hope you like it. The site is still under development so please visit us again and check out for the new features, details and informations about the development and the VHCS software.

Alexander Kotov / Projekt Manager



VHCS 2.4.8 released

The VHCS Development Team is pleased to announce that a new release of the VHCS 2.4.8 is available for download. Please take a look to the download area